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The Training on the Attention Model offers several benefits for managing our attention and energy:

  • Awareness: The model helps us become aware of the influences affecting our attention, such as interruptions, distractions, and priorities.
  • Balance: By balancing our attention, we can balance our energies and reduce stress. The goal is to achieve a state of balance and satisfaction.
  • Effectiveness: The model enables us to manage our attention more effectively, allowing us to be more productive in our work and daily life.
  • Stress Reduction: Understanding how our attention works helps us reduce stress and better cope with work pressure and overload.
  • Self-management: The Attention Model provides us with tools to better manage our mental energy and focus our attention on what is truly important.

In conclusion, the Attention Model helps us to deal with our attention more consciously, effectively, and in a balanced way. As a result, we achieve:

A better balance between

online and offline,

work and life.

Remember, the Attention Model is not a rigid system but rather a guideline for more consciously managing your attention. Experiment, find out what works for you, and adapt the model to your own needs. After the training, participants will have an understanding of attention and tools to deal more effectively with their energy levels.



1 training day

This training day can optionally be extended with a second day to better internalize the learned material and to learn additional techniques. Think, for example, of insights about ’the second brain’ and the use of digital tools, such as OneNote.

Cost of 1-day Attention Model training:

  • € 1,795.00 per day for group training (maximum about 8 people)
  • € 495.00 per day for Open Registration per person, in our training room in Doetinchem or at your location

The content of the training can be adjusted to your own wishes. Feel free to contact us to discuss any details.


The Workshop focuses on the Attention Model, making participants aware of its components:

  • What are interruptions and distractions you deal with Is your environment effectively organized
  • What energizes you
  • What drains your energy
  • What is your desired output and how can you achieve it

A workshop can be booked from 1.5 hours to half a day. Naturally, the depth of the topics covered depends on the duration.

The price for a workshop depends on its duration and the accessibility of the location. Feel free to contact us to discuss any details.