The Attention Model

This is the Attention Model

The Attention Model offers insights into how human attention functions in a world full of constant information and stimuli. Developed by Rudy Rensink, an expert in Attention Management, this model provides a visual representation of our brain as a central energy station that decides where our mental energy goes.

The model illustrates the balance between positive and negative energy, influenced by external and internal factors, and emphasizes the importance of effective energy management for achieving balance and fulfillment.

This model reminds us that, although we do not always have control over the stimuli that come our way, we can choose where to focus our attention and energy.

You can download this model, including a brief explanation, HERE (or by clicking on the model itself). You are free to use the Attention Model for yourself, share it with others, and distribute it through (Social) Media, as long as you keep the ‘©Rudy Rensink 2024’ intact.