How does your brain deal with ATTENTION?

What HELP does the ATTENTION MODEL provide in this regard?

How can you deal with your own ATTENTION more effectively?

Rudy Rensink delivers a compelling and inspiring lecture on Attention and the Attention Model in an energetic way, ensuring that the audience stays awake!

The lecture lasts 15 to 45 minutes, depending on the specific content.

🌟 Discover the Power of Attention 🌟

Do you want to better understand how your attention works and how you can harness this power for a more productive and fulfilling life? Then this lecture is for you! A unique Lecture with an energetic approach!

Join us on an exciting journey through the human brain and the fascinating world of attention. With our colorful “ATTENTION MODEL,” inspired by research (Rensink et al., 2024), you gain insight into the deep mechanisms behind our attention.

🧠 Understand your “ENERGY CENTER” where all attention is managed.
🔍 Explore the flow of information from incoming stimuli, influences, and outgoing responses.
⚖️ Understand how attention can cost energy and how to replenish it.
⚖️ Get tips on how to optimize your energy balance and maximize your mental energy.

In this captivating and energetic presentation, these complex concepts are brought to life, allowing you to immediately recognize them in your daily life. Prepare for an experience full of insights and inspiration!

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to empower yourself and your guests and take your attention to the next level. Register today for this interesting lecture and take a powerful step towards a more focused and fulfilled life!

The price for a lecture depends on its duration and the accessibility of the location. Feel free to contact us to discuss your ideas about the lecture.